Have any questions? Find the answers here:

*What kind of artistic services do you offer?

We offer illustrations and animations in different styles as viewable in our gallery. Our illustrations can be used for print ads, apps, games, websites as well as other specialized needs.

*My preferred style of illustrations are not shown in your gallery, can you still do it?

If you have any specific requirements such as caricatures, and others, please send us any reference information and images. We will get back to you as soon as possible time after reviewing the content. However, we advise you to always choose a category from our gallery that is closest to your requirements as a starting point.

*Before I decide to take your service, how do you handle queries? Is there someone I can call and speak with?

You can send us an email first. A friendly staff member will answer all your questions.

*How much time do you take to complete a project?

The time needed to finish an illustration depends mainly on its complexity. We normally take a month to completely finish a project. Please note that the total time will depend on the category of the job and the details and accuracy of the information that you supply.

*What about the references I need to supply? How detailed do I need to be?

The more detailed you are, the less time it will take for us to get started as we want to be as accurate as possible in any projects we do. Just please make sure that you provide the sources of all your references as we need to be sure that it is original because we don’t want to violate any copyright.

Let us know if your question has not been answered in this section or if you have any additional questions by contacting us directly via our email account.